Astell&Kern AK CD-RIPPER

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Easily rip your CD collection using the Astell&Kern music player and AK CD-Ripper

Perfect extractor, AK CD-RIPPER

In this day and age, no one wants to drudge through their CD collection. Isn't it about time you had your entire CD collection at your fingertips?

Inheriting the "Perfect Extractor" from the acclaimed AK500N, the AK CD-RIPPER easily rips CD's to your Astell&Kern music player with only a single touch of a button.

Error correction feature straight from the AK500N automatically writes metadata using the Gracenote music database

Easily rip your CD collection using the Astell&Kern music player and AK CD-RIPPER.


You can easily connect the AK CD-RIPPER with Astell&Kern AK380 music players using the provided cable. The AK CD-RIPPER can be connected either directly to an AK380 or via the AK380 Cradle (sold separately).

Support for the AK240, AK120 II and AK100 II is planned through future firmware updates.

The AK CD-RIPPER may not be properly recognised when using a power supply adapter rated at less than 5V 2A.

Convenient Ripping

CD ripping is simple and convenient with the AK CD-RIPPER. By setting up the ripping options in advance, the user can connect the AK CD-RIPPER and simply touch the CD ripping icon to begin.

The connected Astell&Kern music player will access Gracenote's servers featuring he latest music data and automatically write the corresponding music information and album cover to the ripped music files. The user also has the option to manually enter metadata such as album title, artist, genre and year of release for CD information that is not available on Gracenote.

Furthermore, the user can set the ripping speed (normal/fast/very fast) and file format (WAV/FLAC) through the settings menu.

You can begin ripping CD's after connecting and then activating the AK CD-RIPPER from the Notification Bar.

Light and Shadow

The AK CD-RIPPER continues with the 'light and shadow' design motif from the AK380, retaining the subtle changes and details in the emitted brilliance as light flows across its surfaces. To reflect the subtle changes in beautiful sound that stimulates the senses, more surfaces were created to accentuate the flowing elegance and slim appearance.

In addition, a damper was implemented into the stand of the AK CD-RIPPER. The damper minimises errors that can occur during CD ripping via a spring component by controlling the vibrations that occur as CD's spin.

Exuding an elegant sense of floating in space, the AK CD-RIPPER is the pinnacle of harmony in form and function.


  • Model: PEM14 / AK CD-RIPPER
  • Body colour: Meteoric Titan
  • Body material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 149mm (W) x 151mm (D) x 26mm (H)
  • CD Ripping Audio Format: WAV, FLAC

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Astell&Kern AK CD-RIPPER

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